Brake Pads FA197 FDB664 VD156/2/3 7.5mm

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Brand: Lextek
Code: BP081K
EAN: 5057645003892

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Manufacturer Model Year Fitment Note
AJS CR3-125 Rear
Crazy 50 Front
NKT-1 125 2008-2009 Front/Rear
NKT-2 250 2008-2009 Front/Rear
Regal Raptor DD 125 E 2007-2009
Regal Raptor DD 125 E 2004-2006 Front
Regal Raptor DD 250 E 2004-2009 Front
Benelli Cafe Nero 250 2008-2009
CCM SM125 2008-2009
TL125 2008-2009 front
Dafier Crazy 50 (2T) [DFE50QT-F(CRAZY)] Front
Ghost 50 Front
Direct Bikes 50cc Viper Rear
125cc Cruiser [DB125T-7H]
125cc Viper Rear
GRIP Freestyle 125cc Rear
Honda CB125 F 2015-2016
CB125 T Twin 2014-2016 Front
CBF250 2004-2006 Front
VT125 Shadow 1999-2008 Front
XR125L Varadero 2001-2009 Front
Huatian City 125cc Rear
Sport 50cc Rear
Hyosung MS3 125 2007-2009
MS3 250 2007-2009
Jinlun Hornet 125 Rear
JL125-13 Custom
Kaisar KS125-23 Rear
Kawasaki EL125 Eliminator 2001-2008 Front
KLF300 Bayou 1986-1993
KLF300 Bayou 2000-2005 Front Right
Ninja 250 2008-2009 Front/Rear
Kymco Cruiser 125 2003-2008 Front
Dink 50 2000-2009 Front
Dink 125i 2006-2009 Front/Rear
Ego 125 2000-2005 Front
Ego 250 2001-2003 Front
Hipster 125 2001-2007 Front
KR125 Sport 2007-2009 Front/Rear
Miler 125 2008 Front
Miler 125 2003-2007 Front/Rear
Movie XL 125 2001-2009 Front
Sector 125 1998-2002 Front
Spacer 50 1999-2009 Front
Spacer 125 1999-2003 Front/Rear
Stryker 125 1999 Front
Stryker 125 SM 1999 Front
Super 9 50 2000-2003 Front
Super 9S 50 2004-2008 Front
Yager 50 2000-2009 Front
Zing 125 1998-2009 Front
Leike 50GY-2
125GY-2 Rear
Lexmoto Chieftain 125 [TD125T-15]
FMR 125 EFI [WY125T-74R-E4] Rear
FMR 125 [WY125T-74R] Rear
FMS 125 [ZN125T-7H] Rear
FMX 125 EFI [WY125T-108-E4] Rear
FMX 125 [WY125T-108] Rear
Falcon 125 [XGJ125-27B] Rear
Matador 125 EFI [JJ125T-17] Rear
Matador 125 EFI [ZS125T-40-E4] Rear
Michigan 125 EFI [ZS125-79-E4] Rear
Milano 125 EFI [FT125T-27-E4] Rear
Monza 125 [ZN125T-34] Rear
Titan 125 [ZN125T-8F] Rear
XTR 125 Rear
XTR S 125 [KS125-24] Rear
Zoom II 125 Rear
Lifan Earth Dragon 125 [LF125GY-3] Front
Trailblazer [LF125GY-6] Front
MZ 125 SM 2001-2008
125 SX 2001-2008
RT125 2008 Front
RT125 2001 Front -
RT125 2002-2007 Front/Rear
Others RR7 Rear
SJ125-24 Rear
PGO G-Max 125 2005
G-Max 125 2006-2009 Rear
G-Max 250 2005
G-Max 250 2006-2008 Rear
T Rex 125 1998-1999 Front
Pulse Ghost 50 [DFE50QT-F] Front
Lightspeed 2 125 [WY125T-74] Rear
Lightspeed 50 2T [HT50QT-28] Rear
Lightspeed 50 [HT50QT-25] Rear
Lightspeed 125 [HT125T-25] Rear
Rage 50 [LK50GY-2]
Rage 125 [LK125GY-2] Rear
Rhythm 50 [SB50QT-16] Rear
Qingqi Sport Front Right
Sanben Zoom II 125 [SB125T-21(B10)] Rear
Sinnis Harrier EFI [ZN125T-22E]
Hoodlum 125 [ZS125-79H]
Shuttle 125 EFI [ZN125T-7S]
Shuttle 125 [ZN125T-7H(SINNIS)] Rear
Stealth 125 [QM125-2D] Front Right
Skygo Trailblazer Front
Skyjet SJ125-26
Skyteam Grasshopper Front
Hornet Front
SM 50 [ST50-3SM] Front
TR 50 [ST50-3TR] Front
Superbyke RBP 125 Rear
RSR125 Front Right
Suzuki AN 400 Burgman 2007-2009
FL 125 Address 2007-2009 Front
Sym Euro MX 125 2006-2009 Rear
Shark 125 R 2003-2004
Shark 125 R 1999-2000 -
Shark 125 R 2001-2002 Rear
XS125 2007-2009 Front
Wangye WY50QT-16 Rear
WY125T-21(B10) Rear
Wuyang WY125-24B 2005-2008 Front
XGJAO XGJ125-23 Rear
Yamaha YBR 250 2007-2008 Front
Yuan Renegade Rear
Zennco Matrix Rear
Saturn Front
Zing Bikes Edge 125cc Front
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50+ In Stock
Lextek high-performance Kevlar(TM) brake pads have a long life and good braking performance in all riding conditions. These durable pads are ideal for both stainless steel and cast iron brake discs. .


Pads are sold as a pair per brake caliper..
Sintered option also available. .
Brake pads should only be used in conjunction with an OEM specification disc..
See the list below for scooter and motorcycle compatibility. .


  • WIDTH: 77mm and 97mm
  • HEIGHT: 43mm
  • THICKNESS: 7.5mm
  • MATERIAL: Bimetallic
If you require any further information about this product, please call us on 0844 567 8887 or contact us



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